Our experience handling electronically stored information in hundreds of complex legal matters results in streamlined methods and increased efficiency that benefit our clients.  The experts at OSD have seen everything, so there are no surprises.

Information Management

OSD offers expert guidance in leveraging sound IM/RM policies for litigation readiness, such as data-mapping and Active Directory analysis.


OSD aids identification using data maps, network diagrams and active directory so our customers have a database of information if/when litigation hits.


  • OSD offers comprehensive ESI collection and preservation products and services
  • Legal hold notification and compliance consulting
  • BlackBox Forensics allows counsel to quickly and easily collect ESI from any location
  • Global forensic ESI collection


  • SORT (Secure Online Review Technology)
  • Expertise in high-speed, high-volume processing to drastically reduce data size
  • Fast conversion to all major review formats, including Summation©, Concordance©, and more
  • Production of relevant ESI in all standard formats


OSD provides personnel to assist with courtroom presentation using such tools as Trial Director.

Project Review and Management

  • Training for legal personnel at all levels in the art of litigation involving electronically stored information
  • Litigation Preparedness Consulting, including Data Preservation Consulting on active matters for internal Information Technology (IT) departments
  • FRCP 26(f) meet and confer consulting on ESI issues