One Source Discovery’s customized consulting service provides overall guidance to reduce costs while maintaining defensibility.

Litigation Preparedness

One Source Discovery experts can help you be prepared for the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure relating to ESI by:

  • Providing advice on technical best practices concerning records retention policies, eMail, and backups of electronically stored information (ESI)
  • Assisting legal counsel in leveraging their existing records management policies for the identification, preservation, and collection of ESI
  • Preventing eDiscovery headaches from the data custodians who have their own “work around” to the IT policies

The eDiscovery Process

OSD offers consulting expertise in the earliest phases of eDiscovery, including:

  • Litigation Hold Strategy
  • Preservation Requests
  • Meet and Confer Topics and Checklists
  • ESI Protocol Development
  • Translation of legal demands and obligations into technical procedures and processes
  • Tactics and defense against aggressive eDiscovery adversaries
  • Advice and methods regarding how to go on the eDiscovery offensive

Data Preservation and Collection

OSD has solved a wide variety of complex eDiscovery challenges, and you can benefit from our prior experience.

  • Bridging the gap between the needs of legal counsel and IT personnel and systems
  • Defensible preservation solutions for any type of data
  • The capability to complete large scale preservation and collections, quickly and defensibly

Filter, Search and Culling Optimization

Studies have shown that at least 70% of eDiscovery costs are associated with document review. The key to managing eDiscovery costs is to reduce what must be reviewed in order to get to the relevant data.

  • OSD provides customized, matter-specific consultation rather than a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Search optimization and culling strategies utilized
  • We harness the latest tools, technologies, and techniques, including sampling and technology assisted review

Trial Support and Testimony

Our experts are accustomed to their roles as testifying experts because they have handled hundreds of eDiscovery and Computer Forensics matters as well as testified in both State and Federal Courts.

  • Unique ability to explain complex technical topics to attorneys, judges, and juries in lay terms
  • Recommendations to legal counsel on how to questions opposing experts or witnesses.
  • Turnkey trial support, including equipment and skilled operators